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Beatty's Builders 3 Car Garage

Do you need a simple hunting cabin? How about a fancy new 4 car garage with room for a work bench? Maybe you need a better stable for your horses. We’ve built those, and we can build your next residential project at a fair price.

Are you in a hurry? Our E3 Wall System can get you a finished product within few weeks. We pre-manufacture most of our exclusive components in a controlled environment. By doing this, we have complete quality control.

We build with precision and minimal waste. That means savings to you. Prefabrication of wall panels means that we no longer are controlled by the elements. Rain, snow, mud, and other factors that can delay traditional methods of construction are a minor inconvenience to us. Traditional building strategies have massive amounts of lumber that are dumped off at the build site and left there until needed. That lumber can sit out in the elements for days before it is used. That’s okay if you have ideal weather conditions. But, let’s face it, that doesn’t happen very often. Our lumber comes to the job site in the form of ready-made panels that are put into place the same day they are delivered. They are covered with insulation and siding and protected from the start. That means they don’t suffer from the warping and potential mold that can happen to...Read more

Post Frame Garages

Protect your classic car collection with a environmentally controlled pole frame building built by Beattys Builders !Read more

Commercial Buildings

Commercial pole barn or post frame buildings built by Beatty's Builders can be constructed for storage and machine sheds, agricultural, equestrian, horse barns, automotive storage for classic cars and many other uses. Contact Beatty's Builders to discuss building a pole frame barn building for you soon!Read more