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Equestrian Buildings

If you are thinking about constructing an equestrian building, Beatty’s Builders needs to be your first call. We are a Design / Build / Consulting company. Whether you are looking for a place to shelter your horses, rent space to board horses, or construct an indoor arena, we can consult you through the process from the planning stage to the construction stage of a post frame constructed building
Pole barns are versatile, and can be built in various sizes, heights and designs. At Beatty’s Builders, our pole barns are constructed to meet whatever specification you may have. All of our building plans are done in-house exactly how you want them. Just because it is a pole barn does not mean it is limited in design. If you can imagine it, we can build it. 
Whatever your needs or wants may be, Beatty’s Builder’s pole barns offer convenience, affordability, and quality. Our hybrid pole building offers the best of both worlds. Our E3 Wall System offers construction with 2” x 6” studded sidewalls while maintaining pole barn construction. Once constructed, these walls add strength to your building and can be finished off with R19 insulation and enclosed with a wall covering of your choice if this is what you choose to do. 
Beatty’s Builders E3 wall system is Engineered, Efficient and Eco-Friendly. The wall panels are pre- engineered in a climate controlled environment and delivered to your site for installation. This allows us to spend less time on your property, and helps eliminate waste materials. 
The poles supporting your pole barn are the main structure supporting your building. Beatty’s Builders EarthMesh pole system protects and extends the life of the treated poles adding years to their lifespan. With our EarthMesh System, the poles are petroleum resistant, moisture resistant, insect resistant, and will not let the chemicals in the pole leach into the ground making them environmentally friendly. 
Beatty’s Builders has been in the post-frame construction business for over 20 years. We can have your new pole barn under roof in as little as six weeks from the consulting / planning stage to the completion stage, depending on how extensive you are with your building plans. 
Beatty’s Builders pole barns are unique and perfectly designed for an intended purpose. It is designed and constructed exactly the way you want it. There is no reason to settle for a cookie-cutter building when you can have your own custom building exactly how you imagined it. The possibilities are endless with Beatty’s Builders! 
If you are thinking about a new pole barn but are not sure where to start, find out more here click here 
At Beatty’s Builders, custom does not come in a kit.