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Price is easy to compare, but when it comes to quality, comparing Beatty's Builders to our competitors is like comparing Apples and Oranges.

As an accredited builder in the National Frame Building Association, we know pole barns, but do you? Do you know the benefits of pole barn construction compared to traditional construction? Do you know the differences between a header system and a diaphragm system?


Do you know why Beatty’s Builders is different?

Pool house

It’s a battle of epic proportions! Fun times with family and friends. The same family and friends traipsing through your house getting floors and carpets wet after a refreshing dip in the pool. The pool basketball, volleyball, rafts, patio furniture and other swim accessories add to the pleasure. Chemicals, furniture, accessories and swim gear find their way into overcrowded basements and garages. It’s the swimming pool love/hate relationship! You love your pool but not everything that comes along with it. But, a pool with a pool house will turn that love/hate into only love! 

What makes a green garage? Solar panels and wind turbines? Maybe. But you don’t need high tech materials to build an eco friendly garage. Instead, a construction technique that’s been around for years is one of the most eco friendly buildings you can find.

Post Frame Design

First developed in the 1930s, post frame buildings were pioneered using utility poles for agricultural buildings. As agriculture expanded, so did the demand for larger, cheaper buildings. In addition to cost effective construction, they were built in a way that created less construction waste.

How much should you budget for a new building? There are various factors affecting building costs that determine a final price.

These factors include:

1) Size

In most cases, the size of a building will impact the overall price you can expect to pay. Materials and labor are the primary cost drivers. A bigger building takes more posts, lumber siding, shingles, labor and more which will increase the cost.

How much does a garage cost? $20K? $40K? More?

It depends, upon your needs, features, the square footage you require and your budget. Last year the average cost spent on constructing a garage was more than $25,000. But if you are considering a new building, keep this in mind.

It’s easy to evaluate price. Just line up the builders, get the costs and compare. But focusing only on price puts you at risk. The risk of selecting an inferior option, one that doesn’t provide the value or meet your needs.

We can all relate to the benefits a garage provides. It keeps our car out of the elements. Just jump in the car and drive away. No need to clear ice or snow from the windshield. Plus in the summer, it keeps the car cooler and prevents UV rays from damaging the finish. A garage reduces the potential for dings, scratches and even vandalism. And because it’s in a more secure location, it even reduces insurance rates! But is a garage a good investment?

Only 4%.

That’s how many new businesses survive 10 years.

Even fewer make 20.

But this summer, Beatty’s Builders will celebrate 20 years in business! We owe our success to the loyal customers that recognized the value we could bring to their project, a unique building process that results in a stronger, longer lasting and more durable building and hard work by Carl and his team.

To thank you for your support, we invite you to register for giveaways that will take place throughout 2017.

On March 17 - 19, we will be attending the Piston Power Show. If you can attend, then stop by our booth 746 - 748, near the Crusin Times Best Featured Car, and register. But if not, enter our contest for your chance to win daily prizes!

Instant gratification. Whether it’s a text from your smartphone or a meal from a fast food restaurant we are programmed to get things without delay. In fact, we want things yesterday. But our impatience can work against us. In our haste we often leave out important steps. It can happen with anything. But, when starting a building project, like a new garage, hobby building or a home, patience and planning are a virtue.

Which building uses wall and stud construction and which one is a post frame design? Not sure? Read on for the answer!

Post frame is often associated with agriculture or industrial buildings but, as you can see, framing systems don’t dictate the look or quality of a building. A post frame building can support numerous interior and exterior finishes. And, they are often more efficient and less costly to build.

 Cost effective, eco-friendly and flexible to meet your design demands. That’s why post frame construction is a great option for homes, garages, commercial buildings and more!


Unless you are familiar with post frame construction, you may not realize how similar it is to the more familiar stud-wall variety. Many people associate post frame construction with farm buildings, but they go far beyond housing farm implements. They are a viable construction technique that provides both style and flexibility.