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Block Foundation Buildings Construction

At Beatty’s Builder’s, we specialize in post frame construction. Our buildings are of the highest quality and have been constructed in many different designs and finishes over the years. All of our buildings have been built specifically to our customer’s designs just the way they wanted them built.
But what happens if your building site can’t utilize post frame construction? Well, if that is your situation, we have a solution for that. We can also construct buildings with concrete block foundations.
Beatty’s Builders Design / Build / Consulting process is the same as if you are constructing a post frame building. Your building is still a quality one of a kind design and constructed in a timely manner. The drawings are still done in-house to your specification, and we will still consult you through the process. As with our post frame buildings:
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At Beatty’s Builders, custom does not come in a kit.