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About Beatty’s Builders

Hard Work Creates New Standards

SCORE Small Business of the Year AwardIn 1997, Carl quit his job rolled up his loose change of $110.00 and started Beatty's Builders, formerly known as C.A.B. Roofing and Construction, Inc. in Mineral City, Ohio. Carl was able to compensate for an initial lack resources with a big heart and a passion for his business. Carl's love for working with people has resulted in a customer centered business that has stood the test of time. In 2008 he moved his business to New Philadlephia Ohio. Over the next few years he would go on to complete numerous large projects that would push the quality standards of the industry. It was through these projects that Carl was able to innovate new methodologies, such as the e3 Wall System and the Earthmesh pole. This quality standard led the Canton Regional Chapter of SCORE to award Beatty's Builders with the 2012 Small Business of the Year Award. Carl said that he is honored and blessed to have been choosen for this award, I could not have accomplished this without all the great help. Thanks Everyone!

Our Core Values

 Beatty's Builders is an Ohio based builders company. It was founded on the principles of: hard work, ethical standards of customer relations, and sound moral values. These are by far our most important and beloved core values. Our commitment to adhere to those values has made Beatty's Builders a sustainable effort. We believe that honesty is our motto and perfection is our goal. That means that when you ask a question, you will get an honest answer. We will treat our customers in the manner that we want to be treated; with respect and courtesy. Beatty's Builders will never cut corners in order to compete in our market. We are not here to under bid our competitors; we are here to provide quality construction at a fair price. You can rest assured that when we complete your building that it will be the best investment you will ever make.

Carl realized early on that he was not happy with the standard type of pole building. It didn’t make sense to him that he would build something for his customers that he would not be satisfied with himself. Carl took post-frame construction back to the drawing board and the result was the e3 Wall System and the Earthmeshpole. Years of research and development have gone into engineering this hybrid technology. Incorporating the best of both worlds, e3 Wall System offers versatility that can be delivered in record time. It is how we provide our customers with a building they will love and embrace for years to come. 

Virtues We Live By:


Our trademark. We adhere to moral and ethical principles through our conduct and communication in every project.


Key to our success. We continually strive to perfect the products and service we deliver.


Our strength. Our team is selected to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and results.


Basis of our relationships. We recognize and value women and men in their individuality and diversity.


Our foundation. We value our customers and endeavor to foster such in every dealing.


Our commitment. We believe loyalty should be rewarded and highly regarded.


Our motivation. We set high standards, both as individuals and in our teams, to consistently perform our best.


We care. We recognize the hard work and sacrifices that go into each of our customers’ buildings. We respect that investment and seek to make every penny count for their building.

Carl Beattys name is his guarantee