Hello everyone, I'm here today to talk about how SMS (short message services) can help small businesses prosper for relatively cheap. SMS is a powerful tool used for direct marketing because it puts your products directly into the hands of the people interested in your product. How it does this is whoever provides your SMS service gives you a 5 digit number for people to text to. Then the business who purchases the SMS service creates keywords for people to text. When the people text the keyword to the provided 5 digit number, they're phone number is automatically entered into a database so they can now receive texts from that company. This gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to their entire customer base and send them a "call to action" kind of message; which are usually specials on food, discounts, reminders, etc. Now just imagine what all you could do with a powerful marketing tool like that, then give us a call at 330-339-4333 when you're ready to start SMS in your company.

If you want a real time example of what SMS does exactly, just text RHDM to the number 20300 to get a better idea.

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