In our experience we here at Rush Hour Digital Marketing agree that to make an effective marketing campaign, a business must put their name out on multiple media platforms. This means you can’t solely depend on a single source to get your business’s name out there. It’s much more effective if a business advertises a little on Google and/or Facebook. Then puts an ad or two on billboards, and also some magazines articles, and maybe sponsor a baseball team.

This creates a great atmosphere for what known in the advertising world as T.O.M.A, or Top-Of-Mind-Awareness. If you were to just advertise in a magazine, they’ll forget about your business by the time they’re done reading it. It’s much more effective if they see your ad on the side of their facebook, then in their favorite magazine, then again on a billboard as they go to their baseball game which is sponsored partly by your business. Now you’ve effectively drilled your company name into a potential customers mind throughout their day. This makes it much more likely for them to choose your company when they need something you provide. People will buy your product over others, despite the price most times, if they trust your brand. While T.O.M.A increases your companies recognition, it also builds trust by showing customers you’re serious about your business. This will make customers more comfortable with choosing your company to help them with their problems.

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